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Dagonet is a blogger, author, and podcast host living on the West Coast. He started The Quest For 50 in 2010 and has gained a staunch readership in the following years. As part of the group of bloggers known as The Manosphere, Dagonet focuses on male/female dynamics, dating in the modern world, human sexuality, politics, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of “Red Pill” thinking.

He can be reached via email at QuestFor50@gmail.com.

  1. Very cool goal. I hope before too long you’ll be renaming it to “The Quest for 500″ ;) I’ve thought about a similar quest, but I’m in an LTR right now… which, I guess, is just my way of being a coward and avoiding the challenge -_- I admire your balls for not only jumping into it, but even writing about it.

  2. 50 is quite a humble score for you, but any way you would be able to do that. Successful players have always been humble. A beginning is nevertheless a beginning, at least you started, there are millions who never started ..just thought and thought!!

  3. where’s your twitter?

    • Good point. You’ve inspired me to create one… Follow me!


  4. Awesome idea man, Im on board to watch the journey. Ill add you to my blogroll!

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  6. It’s good to have a goal. According to the Durex world sex survey, the average man (globally) sleeps with only 6 women in his lifetime. How that’s for a benchmark!
    If you want to reach 50 really really fast go to Asia, Africa or Latin America.

    BTW, I love your banner, fucking hilarious.

    • I disagree on South America. It is not a place to speed up your notch count. Things are going slow here and girls are superflakey and you will have no gringo value in most places. South East Asia is the place to go.

  7. You’re my hero. Why didn’t I think of this!?

    • Ha, I can’t answer that question, Solomon. But thanks.

  8. Yo, Just came to this blog after reading the facebook serias at Wonka’s, I’m digging it! Keep up the good stuff.

  9. I’m on a similar quest but doing it traveling around the world. I’m aiming for 80 girls worldwide. On 47 now but only have 5 months to do the remaining 33. need to step up the game fast.

    Just discovered your site but surely gonna read up on your posts.
    Grtz Neil Skywalker

  10. Now this is funny. I’m quite a bit older than you, but my current quest is also 50, by the end of the year. The original was (let’s say it is) a 100. And it was just a funny comment at a summer festival I made to my friend who was laughing at me that I only had 4 girls in my life. (I was 30 then and just broke up from a very LTR.) We talked, and then we said at the very same time, that ‘but you should get to …’ and then he said 10 and I said 100. (He was at 7 or 8 I guess :) ). Not as if it mattered, but a funny game to play. Oh well, and all this happened before I ever learned about gaming.

    Fast forward 6 years (after spending 4 years with the same ‘LTR’ again, becoming a father and then gaming for a year after we have separated), I have spent a year with a stupid girl, playing games (psychological games I mean) and just got back to ‘life’. I have realized that I missed 18 and there were 18 weekends in the year. So far so good, we’re down to 15 in three weeks :). Of course it doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is having fun and learning.

  11. Oh well, and the way I rationalized to my girl friends when I started playing it heavy again (two years ago) is that you have to satisfy this obviously not very admirable and intelligent need. Once you had enough sex and enough conquests over enough girls, it probably just won’t matter that much. It was a great distraction for me in the second phase of the above mentioned LTR. Having said that, I’m more likely to pick a girl as the mother of my children, who has had the time of her life, than someone who was a ‘nice girl’ and didn’t do crazy things with boys. The latter are just way much easier to seduce. (How many times have you heard ‘Oh, I never do these kind of things, I never did one night stands, I never cheated my boy friend/husband … until you came along. Well…)

  12. Jeff Blizzard

    I love and admire that you are going to experience life to the fullest. I did the same when I was in my 20’s (I’m now 49) and I’m still trying (I’m up to 55 or so). I think that 50 conquests may be very achievable but it depends on the decisions you make in life and where those decisions take you (e.g. a lonely career like truck driving will make this almost impossible). However, be very, very careful!! Let’s say you do make it to 50 and you’ve changed your attitude and want more out of a relationship. As easy as this same process is to a woman, there is a good chance you will find a woman that has more than doubled or even triple your “score”. I can tell you from experience, if you care about any woman who has a similar history, it will make you feel very insignificant.

  13. Nick

    Great site – good luck with The Quest! It’s a very achievable objective. I made my “50” just after my 39th birthday. Now at age 52 I am up to 68. There have been long happy periods of LTR monogamy in my life, and equally rewarding times of “catching up” on my lifetime count. You will easily make 50 much younger than I did, and cruise on to 100!

    • Author Dagonet

      Thanks a lot!

  14. Ha good shit. Your banner is onpoint. Good luck on your quest. I recommend South America is you can drop some spanish.

  15. Re: your tweet – Thanks for the traffic, but next time feel free to critique me directly ☺ And my comment wasn’t meant to be negative, I actually thought you were a good writer and an interesting guy — just the concept of hitting “50” seems kind of misdirected. I’d rather knock it out with a couple of really great guys rather than dozens of just so-so ones. But, that could be a girl thing.
    Oh, and re: your second tweet — I think you’re uhhh misreading that line. It’s simply a reference to the fact that we’re pretty far from predicting/understanding romantic attraction between *individuals… you seem to be confusing it with an understanding of what works in general. Yes, we’ve known for years what, on average, interests members of each sex. But between *individuals, it’s still mostly a crapshoot. Just peruse any of the actual studies (and I mean the academic article, not the media summary or the abstract) and you’ll see that everything we “know” is loaded with caveats and questions. Or, talk to the researchers themselves – they’re usually the first to admit uncertainty (unless, of course, they’re selling something). Anyway, not sure what ‘reading’ you’re referencing, but if you know of any groundbreaking research that says otherwise… Lmk.

  16. Homer

    You should listen to “Fuck me Pumps” by Amy Winehouse. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

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