Eating Salad Makes You Fat – #FatShamingWeek


I’m a little late to the #FatShamingWeek party, though I did discuss it briefly in my last podcast. So here’s my contribution.


One thing that I’ve overheard repeatedly from girls who are “watching their weight”– including friends, strangers, and even members of my own family, is this refrain:

“Ugh… But I eat salad!”  

… As if salad is a magical diet pill that, when consumed once a day, will make them lose weight through karma alone.

Part of this is just their fundamental misunderstanding of nutrition, stemming from an incomplete or inaccurate education. But this phenomenon is also exacerbated by the purposeful ignorance of basic facts that is perpetuated by feminists, liberals, and everyone else who is part of the politically-correct echo chamber, conspiring to keep the sheeple down. This latter aspect of America’s obesity problem has already been well-covered at Return of Kings.

But back to salad.


The concept of a “salad” has been deified by the modern American womanocracy to the point where it is supercharged with meaning. A salad is holy– a beacon of health– and a signal that the person eating it, obviously taking special care and undergoing a great sacrifice, is putting forth commendable effort toward her own betterment.

I’m actually surprised women don’t give each other medals whenever they eat a salad.

The Rise of Salad has included a “foodie” movement that celebrates special, craft salads. It’s no good just to be a plain salad. A salad is only worth mentioning if it’s a Chipotle Southwestern Salad, or a Chinese Chicken Salad. Why would you Instagram a picture of your salad if it just contains basic vegetables, and no bright colors and flashy dressings?


But when I look at the people in my life who are most healthy and in shape, whether they are co-workers, lovers, friends, or those I know only through their internet presence, I don’t see much emphasis on “salad,” and I certainly don’t see them congratulating themselves for eating one.

What I see are people that look at the big picture of what they’re putting in their bodies. The total amount of calories, the types of foods, the times they eat, and where that food came from. They study ingredients and nutrition facts. They read blogs each day about the newest research and studies on what constitutes optimal health. And then they seek out further opinions that contradict the others, so they can weigh the credibility of sources against each other and determine the most objective truth.

I see people who have taken the time to make sure they’re taking care of themselves, because they know that investing in their own health should be a top priority. And yes, they know that they get more out of life by being attractive. That fact is obvious to anyone with eyes, and its denial is the screaming rationalization of a dying spirit. Arguing against it is like trying to defy gravity, something that most obese Americans are failing even more spectacularly at.

The healthy people I see around me know that being healthy is a lifestyle, not just a small change you make once a day. It should color every part of the structure of your life.

But a little more on salads.


So far I’ve discussed how salads are a trojan horse which fatties hide inside, a white flag they can wave that shows how they are, indeed, putting in effort. This gives them a convenient excuse not to confront the concepts of exercising, educating themselves, looking honestly in the mirror, or seriously changing the amount of calories they consume each day. It also helps them rationalize away all the other unhealthy things they put in their bodies. “This extra pint of ice cream is okay. I deserve the reward for eating that salad at lunch!”

But I haven’t even gotten to the dirty little secret of salads, which is that the vast majority of the ones these unconscious life-sucks are vacuuming into their pie holes are just as– if not more– unhealthy than the shit they were eating already.

Most of America was raised and conditioned to eat fast food, processed food, stuff that comes from Monsanto crops and through one of six conglomerate corporations. They only have that framework to base things off of. As Rivelino recently said, there is a “red pill” for eating and nutrition as well, that people need to swallow to gain true clarity.

So they switch to the pre-approved, mass-produced salads from big chain restaurants, and they feel that they’ve put in enough effort toward their own appearance and health. Even though this “sacrifice” doesn’t even diminish the chemical reward they get from their brain, and they are just as full and satisfied by these meals due to the astronomical amount of calories they contain. So in truth, they are not sacrificing anything at all. They can continue to avoid confronting the real issues and looking for concrete results.

But even Yahoo, as bland of a mainstream, inoffensive source as you’ll find, has published articles like this one: 6 Salads Worse Than A Whopper! At this point, it’s common knowledge what constitutes good nutrition and healthy eating, and the internet has put all of this information at our fingertips. Even our pudgy, fat little fingertips, ahem.


Ultimately, fat girls know they’re fat. They know they’re killing themselves with food, but they just don’t care. They get a thrill from eating, they get a soul-suicidal thrill from pissing off men and defying their basic biological needs, and they get a thrill from all the other idiots cheering them on.

Fat acceptance, and the equalism/acceptance movement in general, has no concrete underlying truth that it bases itself on. These people deny the most basic rules of our Universe and of nature. They live in a mental vacuum, and it’s no wonder that they constantly find themselves at odds with reality, and need to complete a series of mental and emotional gymnastics to stay above water.

Now if only they used a fraction of that time for real gymnastics…


In the end, fat girls need to stop eating “salads” as they currently know them. They need to eat a piece of lean chicken breast and raw kale for lunch. They need to use juicing as a meal replacement. They should skip meals and try intermittent fasting to reduce cravings.

The bottom line is, they need to radically alter their understanding of food, their relationship with it, and what sustenance they should and shouldn’t be getting from it. Particularly, they should focus less on the cheap chemical reward they get from bingeing on sugar and carbs, and more on the deep satisfaction that comes from a nutritious, moderate-calorie, protein and vegetable-heavy meal.

Eating bullshit American “salads” is a waste of time, a rationalization, and an excuse, plain and simple. If you’re going to eat a salad, make sure it’s a real salad. Don’t put crispy wonton noodles on top of it, and if it comes with a sugar-loaded, high-calorie dressing (which is most of them), use as little of it as humanly possible. Or just have an actual low-calorie dressing. Or no dressing. Whatever. You get the point.

Until that time, I’m going to continue shaking my head and laughing whenever I hear a girl complaining about the salad she ate, and how it must just be her “genes” that cause her to put on weight.

  1. this post is a nice follow up to my post, you make some good points. fat girls “need to radically alter their understanding of food, their relationship with it, and what sustenance they should and shouldn’t be getting from it.” they need to take the food red pill. they simply use “eating a salad” as an excuse.

    you know what i think? i think what is going on now in america is a little bit like in stephen king’s the stand. in america — and increasingly in the rest of the world — we are all infected by a disease, and that disease is processed food. a few of us take the food red pill and start drinking joe rogan kale shakes and stuff, but the vast majority of people don’t. and for that vast majority, most people get infected by the disease and get fat.

    now some people are immune to that disease. a lucky few. they can eat all this processed food and still look good. those are the naturally thin girls, but they are rare. most girls are fat, and getting fatter. most guys are fat too, but the reality is that a fat girl loses more of her attractiveness than a fat dude.

    fifty years ago, there was much more social pressure for a girl to stay thin, but there was also a lot less processed food. so it was *easier* for her to stay thin. it was more attainable, so she put more effort into making it happen, because she could see the results. now, it is very hard for most girls to stay thin. we are living in the post apocalyptic world of the stand. fat girls everywhere, and very few thin ones.

    it’s a tough situation, but i see no solution. processed food is driven by corporations and capitalism, and who is going to stop that? i don’t know. a big reason i am in europe is for the women, and it’s true, the women of spain are thinner than american girls. they look better. but i do see mcdonalds and burger king everywhere, and it stresses me out, pisses me off.

    so yeah, what’s the solution? education of course. but do american girls have the motivation? no. men still give them attention, and men still fuck them. if they are all fat, it’s like they created a union. i even remember the girl mia i had a crush on in the states, if i put her here in spain, she wouldn’t be considered thin! she had nice curves, but she was on the curvier side — but compared to the other girls, she was hot. but compared to girls in spain, much less.

    so how to crack the union? that’s the question. importing foreign girls is all i can think of. or spreading the word about poland, europe, russia, etc — basically what roosh is doing.

  2. I always thought it was hilarious that people eat such wholly unhealthy salads.

    People react with abject horror when they see me eating a salad without any dressing on it. Hell, a tiny drizzle of vinegar is like a wondrous explosion of flavor the times that I do choose to use it.

    If you put the right ingredients in a salad, you won’t need to blob on “dressing” to make it taste good.

    Bosc pears, broken up walnuts, chicken, a little bit of feta cheese, and some crisp turkey bacon make for a pretty damn good salad and while not the healthiest is healthier than the vast majority of salads people eat.

  3. feta cheese baby!


    sunflower seeds

    pears and walnuts sounds good too

  4. jeff

    Lots of EVO for us paleo folk.

  5. Matt

    You seem to be awfully worried about what people eat

  6. Interesting idea about a “red pill” for diet/nutrition as well. I never thought about it like that before but it’s a very good analogy. People really are completely clueless about what they put in their body, the same way they are clueless about sexual dynamics, “game” etc. I probably don’t know enough technical information about nutrition to write a post on it but someone should do something on “red pill nutrition”.

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