Hollywood Link Roundup (FRIDAY 12/13)


I’m going to start posting up some links each day from the entertainment business that I think will be of interest to my readers. Check out today’s roundup below.


1968’s “How To Pick Up Girls!” being adapted into a feature film.

Interesting that this was written when the birth control pill was just starting to have an influence on female promiscuity. I haven’t read it but I imagine some aspects are still applicable today, and some are utterly laughable. It’s unclear whether this will be a satirical, period-appropriate adaptation of the original, or just a modern-set adaptation using the title and some loose inspiration from the book.


Geena Davis has suggestions on how to increase women’s presence in movies.

The advice involves arbitrarily changing male characters to female characters (since gender is obviously a social construct and the actions of a male character would make perfect sense if the gender was switched). Also, specify that the extras in the background should be 50% female. Womyn’s Empowerment!


Saturday Night Live will be adding a black female cast member by January.

Bowing to pressure from liberals and minorities, SNL will be adding a female black cast member, whether she’s good enough to be on the show or not. This post includes most of the rumored women in consideration.


The car preferences of female celebrities in Hollywood.

My favorite line: “Unlike men, who tend to be slavishly brand-loyal, women often are willing to switch.” I guess female hypergamy applies to cars too.


Fox News anchor blasted for claiming Santa and Jesus are white.

Talk about digging yourself a hole.


Fox News sued for trying to get younger.

The Baby Boomers try taking legal action to prevent their obsolescence. Fox News was losing young viewers, and it’s their job to make changes to keep a more profitable audience. Time for the old folks to move, bitch, get out the way.

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