In Case I’m Dead

I’m having some surgery today– it’s extremely non-invasive, however I’m getting knocked out with a general anesthetic, and I’ve heard horror stories about people never waking up. It’s my first time getting this, obviously (since I’m even concerned).

I thought this would be a good opportunity to pre-schedule a post (the one you’re now reading) that will pop up on the site while I’m in surgery.

So just in case I’m dead or in a permanent, medically-induced coma, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading the site, and helping further the conversation we are all part of.

I hope I’ve entertained you and taught you something. Also, I really hope I’ve gotten you laid. That would be awesome!



If I’m in a coma, someone tell my doctor that I want to be kept alive, with daily blowjobs from the nurses (only the ones under 25).



  1. dude, you are an inspiration, let us know you are okay when you get out. all the best, man.

  2. What if all the nurses under 25 are males?

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