Manosphere Remembrance Day

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The history of the Manosphere is nebulous.

…Like an echo, a shadow, a vague thought that has reverberated louder and louder with time. You can trace its DNA through the works of ancient poets and philosophers– great men throughout history who identified truths of human nature– through to the modern era. For millennia, these truths were regarded as common sense, and they were integrated functionally into the way society was organized, and the social standards of each population. But with the cultural revolution beginning in the 1960s and reaching a tipping point in the 1990s, a need arose for men to more explicitly teach each other these lost truths. The Manosphere might have begun with Tony’s Lay Guide, The Mystery Method, or other forums hidden in the dark crevices of the nascent internet of the 1990s (such as alt.seduction). It might have begun with The Futurist’s essay “The Misandry Bubble.” It might have begun with Roosh (f/k/a DC Bachelor), Matt Forney (f/k/a Ferdinand Bardamu), and Heartiste (f/k/a Roissy) coalescing around a shared worldview at the crossroads of sex, politics, and a restless sense of lost masculinity, awaiting a revolution.

As more voices began to join the swelling chorus of disenfranchised, horny, clueless men looking to reclaim their balls and dignity, the “Manosphere” as we currently know it was born. It became not just a few disparate blogs with similar content, but an overlapping ecosystem with evolving conversations and interactions. Men would comment on others’ blogs, post their own thoughts, and have long discussions on select forums. Eventually, there was a natural progression to using Twitter as a major uniting force for the culture of the Manosphere. There, men could share observations, thoughts, and links in real time for maximum interconnectivity. It was more immediate and conversational, and allowed the Manosphere to come to life in a new way.


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But along the way, some important, influential writers have come and gone. These were men who helped forge the Manosphere by sharing their most honest thoughts and experiences– the good times and (especially useful) the bad. Men shared the stories they couldn’t share in “real life”– with friends and family who seemed to just not understand– and in doing so, we all found a deeper, common truth.

These men were also highly intelligent, expert thinkers and men of great action. They began to share their success stories, analysis, and experimentation within the “Game.” Eventually, the term Game would come to encompass all the positive changes we were making in our actions for attracting women and bettering our lives, both nuanced and strikingly bold.

For certain reasons, some of these writers in the Manosphere have had to shutter their blogs over the years. Perhaps some said all they had to say and moved on, but certainly others were “outed” and had to delete their blogs in hopes of preserving their privacy and maybe keeping their job/relationship/reputation. When these influential writers have had to delete their blogs, we lose their archives and are robbed of learning from them and re-reading them in the future.

It is due to the Manosphere’s unique and inherently revolutionary nature that its writers incur these risks. I, and many of my colleagues, live in a somewhat constant state of low-grade fear of being exposed. For many of us, this paranoia is probably overblown, and yet there is no doubt there would be repercussions if our real names became linked to our blogging identities.

Sometimes I ask myself what I would do if I was exposed. Would I cut the cord and wipe out my entire digital trail? Or have I built something bigger, and more important, than my tiny little life? Maybe I should make the sacrifice, take the hit, and believe that by leaving my works online for others to discover, I am doing more good for this world than the ill effects I would incur.


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I won’t truly know my decision until that fateful day comes. But I cannot fault those who came before me and decided they had to protect their identities, and the lives they had built. Allowing yourself to be publicly linked to the Manosphere, to being a “Pick-Up Artist,” to being anti-Feminist… these things are a scarlet mark on us that anyone can use to manipulate, extort, or otherwise ostracize us from society in America today.

But as some have fallen and others picked up the torch, I would like to take today to look back and remember some of the names of writers who have come and gone. Men who influenced me, opened my eyes with wonder, and made me smile and shake my head, realizing all I had done wrong, and how incredibly simple it could be to change for the better.

Men like Paul The King, one of the first no-holds-barred, unapologetic guys who wrote about women’s true promiscuous nature, the indifferent attitude a man should exhibit toward his girls, and some practical knowledge of juggling multiple girls at once, all with a hilarious style that made you want to share a beer with him.

Men like Willy Wonka (the only other person to ever write a guest post here at The Quest For 50), who let us see his journey of improvement warts and all. We could relate to guys like this, because he was an everyman who didn’t just rely on his natural abilities or looks. He earned it every step of the way, and we could only hope to emulate his success as he met and slept with great new girls, improved his fitness, and eventually moved abroad to pursue happiness.

Men like Culdcept of Sector Las Vegas, who was one of the first guys to write extensive field reports and cite specific venues for picking up girls. His scope was limited to Vegas, but he had a good voice and contributed a lot of comments to other blogs, furthering the conversation in the Manosphere.

There have been a few other seminal figures that have come and gone. Some have gone and then risen from the ashes again, like a phoenix. Assanova disappeared and then came back in a different incarnation, only to leave again. Nate of NexxtLevelUp and Rivelino have both gone through at least 4 blog incarnations over the years. As noted earlier, even RooshRoissy, and Matt Forney have shuttered or changed blogs over the years. For them, it was for stylistic choices. But to many others, such as Gmac and The Rookie, it is a matter of constantly having to protect one’s own privacy.


Because we in the Manosphere don’t observe Valentine’s Day, it seemed appropriate that we should re-purpose February 14th, just as Christians took the pagan holiday of the winter solstice and started calling it Jesus’ Birthday.

I now invite all of you to take this opportunity to share the names and memories of some of the writers who first introduced you to the Manosphere. Comment here, tweet (#manosphereremembrance), or write a post of your own. If we can take one day a year to remember some of our brothers who contributed to building this community, it will help us to be reminded of their writing and keep their memories and spirit alive.

And I hope you do it for me, long after I’m gone…


  1. beautiful post, man. well written and important.

  2. “There are no good girls. There are no bad girls. There are just girls.” -Johnny Milfquest

    RIP johnny. he fought the good fight and encouraged me to fight the good fight too.

    • i actually completely disagree with johnny’s quote, but i think there is an important lesson there. DON’T PEDESTALIZE WOMEN. that is something i am still working on. thanks johnny for your help.

      • My two cents: Johnny Milfquest was right on! Women are acultural. They have no intrinsic societal value. All their social value is feral scheming of the win-lose relation. Civilized men are win-win with their partners. Women have societal utility or not to whatever degree. Ladyship is because of patriarchs prolonging female value by her domestication. Domesticate a female soon enough, and she will make a great wife. We are not male popular soveriegns, so we can’t do that.

        Great post, Dagonet. Meaningful closing. I hated seeing U of Man go offline. I am totally unfamiliar with the three bloggers remembered specifically in this post. On the plus side, it makes us break resistant. Roosh has a term for that, but I forget it. Great ref to Xmas, neither hostile nor sacrosanct. I love discovering positive expressions of rationalism.

  3. I’ll pour out a little liquor for the original Roissy. Rumor has it CH now has multiple writers, and none are the original.

    Also from way back in the day, Pook. He was the manosphere before the manosphere.

    • On the authorship of Roissy In DC, I disagree with the majority opinion. I don’t rule out guest authors, but my gut says the original author has been the main contributor since day one.

      Multiple author theorists claim that quality has been inconsistent. But what does that mean? Everyone goes through cycles of creative inspiration and barrenness. When I’m not inspired to write for Thumotic, I take month-plus long hiatuses (hiati?) rather than churn out sub-par material. Roissy has been publishing consistently since 2007.

      I think it’s more likely that periods of lower-quality posting coincide with the original author’s depressive phases.

      Also: There’s nothing new under the sun. In 2007-2008, Roissy laid the foundation for this corner of DE/Manosphere almost single-handedly. Today, Heartiste posts tend to be interesting and well-written commentary on new data and pop culture – always worth a read, but nothing on the level of the truly groundbreaking posts from when the “Real Roissy” was writing.

      I also recall reading a textual analysis of Roissy Vs. Heartiste that supported the single author theory, which seemed plausible to me.

      I’ve got to get around to reading the book of pook. Got a long flight this weekend so maybe I’ll print it out.

      Great post Dagonet.

  4. The original Roissy – someone I met on a psychology forum sensed that I was ripe for the Red Pill and intro’d me to the Manosphere there.

    Others: Rollo Thomassi and No Ma’am and Captain Capitalism. Also The Rawness, to a lesser extent. Return of Kings.

    It’s all a learning experience, seize life by the throat and enjoy it.

  5. Marc D

    Kudos to:

    Solomon Group (The Marriage Zone graph, and all those great Proverbs)

    Mentu & Ashur’s University of Man

  6. deti

    We remember:

    –2 Blowhards

    –Seasons of Tumult and Discord

    –Solomon II

    –University of Man (Professors Mentu and Ashur)

    –Christian Men’s Defense Network

    –Johnny Milfquest


    –Rob Fedders (No-Maam)

  7. Much love to all the warriors of the manosphere.

    And a special shout out to Solomon II, that man was the shit.

    Also, shout out to the original Roissy. The beta of the year contest is the shock to the system that snaps you into reality

  8. Xpat Player

    Surprised 3rd Millennium Men hasn’t been mentioned yet. They had a great blog with great posts. The guy running it was even on a HuffPo Live debate once. I still remember the shellshock from the day their blog went offline.

  9. “Never compromise on love. It is the only thing in this world that isn’t bullshit.”
    -the original Roissy #manosphereremembrance

    no way in hell heartiste is roissy.

  10. “I go in without wanting or expecting anything emotionally. When I see a girl in the beginning, that emotional connection is pretty far down the list of my priorities- the physical always comes first. While I certainly enjoy a good connection every now and then, I’m comfortable with myself and my thoughts and feelings. I have no desire to unload or share them with anyone or to have anyone ‘understand me’, particularly a girl I barely know. I do not need a woman to affirm my emotional needs. It is only then, in Zen-like fashion, can genuine emotional connection actually happen.” -FFY

    his post, “The problems come from actively looking for emotional connections,” from june 12, 2012, to me is manosphere HOF material.

  11. Oh, and also “Bang Some Chicks”… fucking hilarious.

  12. Early FFY–he was almost tucker max-ish. One of my faves was a post about fucking a girl while her boyfriend went to the store to pick up beers that was pretty epic.

    Also, early donlak.

  13. String

    There was a black dude by the name of Solomon or Solo that’s blog is no longer around.

    He was one of the few guys who put up pics and videos of his nights out.

    And he always kept it real, telling the good, bad, and the ugly.

    Good post Dagonet, I’ve been enjoying the podcasts. You and McQueen have a great chemistry.

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