My Fat-Shaming Comment Was Censored

Yesterday, Danger & Play tweeted a link to this article, which criticized Fat Shaming Week:

I left a comment on the post, but it seems it has not made it through moderation. So here it is, for your reading pleasure:

On behalf of the Manosphere/Fat Shaming Week, I’d just like to point out that we do care a great deal about the health of obese people and their negative effect on our economy and society. It’s our belief that the VAST majority of fat people get that way by being careless with the way they eat, and their exercise regiment. A good bit of negative feedback instead of the constant “everyone is beautiful” drivel that society fills their heads with, might inspire them to actually be conscious of what they put in their bodies each day, and the fact that eating better is a worthy challenge to undertake.

We don’t just talk about “picking up” women in the Manosphere, but we share knowledge on how to exercise and eat better for optimal health. Juicing fruits and vegetables is extremely popular among our group. If you choose to tell us to “fuck off” so you can keep eating fast food 2-3 times a week and sneaking candy while you’re at work, that’s your decision. But you should know that you will be a societal pariah, as you should be.

  1. We can carry her over the altar with a forklift.

  2. tz

    The health effects are real. They are heading toward heart attacks and type 2 diabetes (where they will start losing parts – are blind amputees beautiful?).

    The government and popular propaganda is wrong. Sugar and carbs are addictive and fattening (insulin is a pro-fat hormone), yet the advice is to keep doing more.

    See, this from for example. Also the Harcombe diet that makes a similar point.

    Shaming an addict while telling her or him to keep up the addiction or make it worse does not help.

  3. Right on. Nice comment from a good article.
    I agree its good to “shame” fatness to cut through the big is beautiful just be yourself and be happy with how you are, crap.
    people need to relearn the lost art of discipline.
    Internet is full of information on WHAT to do, but until you have the discipline to actually put the diet, training, game, finances etc into play…its all useless.
    Great website and book about building discipline over at;
    good stuff

  4. Hey man, I had your podcast suggested to me on TRP. I love it, and your blog. And also you are speaking my life, and what I hope can become my life.

    Anyways, I’m really impressed with what you’ve done with “The Quest for 50,” I have a site called Strategic Fame where I talk about blogging, youtube, becoming a web personality, growing a fanbase, etc. I would love to interview you for it. You do a lot of things right. You would specifically be an interesting interview because I’d like to do a couple posts on the concept of these organic online “communities” like the manosphere / red pill / pua etc. I would prefer to do a video chat interview but if you don’t want your face shown we could just have a chat or I could even just send you a list of questions.

    Hit me back man. You can find me on basically everything under the username SpecialFester. Reddit, is probably where I hang out the most.


  5. Days of Broken Arrows

    I read a Tweet where you wrote that the critics of Fat Shaming Week “can’t move past their own issues.”

    Maybe expecting a fat person to actually move is asking too much.

  6. anon


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