My Girlfriend’s Opinion On Marriage

I told her to read “Men on Strike,” and here are her thoughts so far (via one long text message):

I don’t know about Men on Strike, Dagonet. It talks about the “punishment of marriage” which the author makes it seem like men are slaves in a marriage. Maybe it’s because I’m from a farm, but the majority of people I know got married because they wanted to have a family with the person they were in love with. Marriage is a huge sacrifice on both parties. Someone has to provide for the kids, right? And a ton of men are staying home now to do the care taking instead of the other way around. The portrait of marriage she paints is completely foreign to me. My parents worked their asses off and I saw how tough marriage was on them. My mom was constantly tired from taking care of us and cooking and cleaning. My dad worked around the clock and after dinner he’d just fall asleep in front of the couch every night. But they knew what they were in for. People who aren’t up for that sacrifice should never ever get married. I want to because I know that I’m always going to put my husband and kids before myself. It sounds to me like the problem lies with couples not communicating their roles in marriage and women being selfish bitches. At least from the first 22 pages.

  1. I knew that your gf being nicknamed “Farm Girl” was a good thing.

    If there’s two things that cock the sanity right out of today’s girls it is going away to college, and moving to a big city.

    She is absolutely right, marriage isn’t sunshine and puppies until the end of time. It is hard, it sucks, and only for those reasons can it be rewarding.

  2. Jason Statham

    Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders and had a good example set while growing up.

  3. Emma

    Keep her!

  4. There are lots of issues people face when it comes to the roles and husband and wife in a marriage. Roles should be defined and it should be before the marriage. If she disagrees with you on playing her role, I suggest you check elsewhere for who wants to. I read a resource on how a man can attract a woman online here:

  5. Marshallaw

    Nice level headed woman from the sound of things. My last relationship, woman was from a farming background but parents had split up when she was 16. Screwed her up something awful but she hid it well. Going on six years, she had moved into my house, I paid for her car, cooked, restaurants, holidays, shoes, handbags, jewellery and all the rest. To be honest I always smelled a rat but thought she might open up to me. Sex life pretty non existent. Tried to talk to her several times about it but she wouldn’t entertain the subject. Told her I couldn’t be in relationship without sex. We split up, she moved out, left the house, shopping bags, shoe boxes all over the place. Later she decided to move abroad, sold the car and used the proceeds to finance her travels. Admittedly I was a bit of a beta in the relationship. Approached her recently about money for the car, rationalisation hamster kicked in, “it wasn’t a loan”. In that case I owned the car!!!
    Moral of the story is the woman’s relationship with her parents especially her father is a dead giveaway…… oh and never buy them a car unless you’re at least getting good sex!

  6. Jeremy

    The problem with lots of girls like farm girl (I’m NOT saying your GF is like this), is that while their head is definitely on straight and they actually have a concept of pulling their weight in a marriage, they’re often so religious that they don’t put out. If you think girls like farm girl are rare, the girls like farm girl who are willing to be very exploratory with a physical relationship are even rarer.

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