Play To The Top Of Your Intelligence

This week I’ll be sharing some lessons I learned on my most recent trip to Vegas, during which I met up with fellow Manospherians Fly Fresh & Young, Jack Frost, and J. DeVoy.


It’s 3:48 AM on Sunday morning, and I’m sitting in Bond Bar at the Cosmopolitan with Fly. The bar has just closed for the night; it’s become empty and quiet.

Me and Fly are sprawled out on a couple of comfy dark velvet chairs near the dishwashing station, where all the attractive female and male bartenders are stashing the abandoned orphan glasses from around the bar.

Fly looks off into the distance, reflecting. He’s got something profound to say.

“I don’t fuck with dumb bitches.”

I’m coming down from peak intoxication and getting my second wind, and through the haze, I process what he said and nod in understanding.


Dagonet: But don’t you though?

Fly: No, I can’t stand talking to dumb bitches. I have no patience for them.

Dagonet: I always tolerate it, for the sake of hooking up with them.

Fly: Nah, it’s not worth it. If a girl says stupid shit, it annoys me too much. I’m not hanging around with her.


When we first had this conversation it seemed unreasonable to me. With the widespread vapidness of the female population today, how could I reasonably turn my back on any girl I deemed “stupid”?

The important thing that it made me realize, though, is that far too often when I’m dealing with a girl, I end up descending to what I perceive to be her level of intelligence, rather than making her keep up with me.

Being completely lucid, articulate, and quick on one’s feet is crucial in the process of seduction. When you start to slow it down, or operate from a less intelligent frame, it just comes off as weak, or even condescending. It does not inspire tingles of lust in the deepest depths of her heart and/or vagina.

This is not to be confused with the idea that your conversation should be more fun than cerebral. But sometimes if you really flex your cerebral muscles, it can be an alternate display of fitness and dominance that does turn a girl on.


I used to take improv comedy classes, and they had a saying: Play to the top of your intelligence. What they meant by this, is that the most compelling characters that you create, which will lead to the most engaging scenes, are the ones who know everything that you as a person know. If you play a character who is “dumber” than you, it’s less real, less immediate, and less funny. Overall, it is less appealing to the audience, and boxes you in, limiting where you can go with a scene.

When you play to the top of your intelligence around a girl– all synapses firing– you are able to go off on interesting tangents, make thoughtful observations, and find provocative connections between seemingly unrelated topics. You are more able to lead her on a journey, one on which she will gladly come along for the ride.

So don’t worry about seeming “too smart” for a girl. If you play to the top of your intelligence and she can’t keep up, then you should be like Fly, and let her walk away. Because there will always be another girl waiting in the wings, who recognizes the higher plane of existence you’re operating on, and will come toward you like a bug to a zapper.


  1. “far too often when I’m dealing with a girl, I end up descending to what I perceive to be her level of intelligence, rather than making her keep up with me.”

    “Because there will always be another girl waiting in the wings, who recognizes the higher plane of existence you’re operating on, and will come toward you like a bug to a zapper.”

    well said

  2. FFY

    Plus that one chick was fucking wasted. Couldn’t stand her

  3. Roger Smith

    Dude, get on Craigslit and post ads and you can be up to 50 in no time..and fucking some very attractive women. Sure some less attractive ones too but just depends on what it takes to turn you on. I’m averaging one woman a week for the past two years and I am overweight and not good looking at all….about a “5”.

    I just think you may be spinning your wheels here or maybe you are just going after better looking chicks. If that’s all that excites you, then can’t argue with that but if you love pussy and enjoy women in general, then I would definitely get into the CL game if I were you…lots of cool chicks on there who love to fuck.

    • Author Dagonet

      What’s your method on CraigsList? I imagine the quality of the girls can be pretty sketchy.

  4. seelow

    The only thing I see wrong here is where u said another girl that recognizes ur smarts and gets u will come along. That’s not false but id add that the more u handle stupid people well and speak with them the better u can understandhow to speak without ur thoughts flying over dumbies heads.

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  7. Kyle

    Then again..could one not use this with neg hits to his advantage. Like “you’re cute when you try to keep up, pay attention, [name] or ‘blondie'” or something along those lines and even start in on light kino with a pat on the ass or head. all used for intention of fucking hb8+ of course. I feel like these would really knock her down off her pedestal, flex a little amused mastery, and get the kino going. you really gotta act cool as hell doing it too, like borderline bored by her. maybe even twist it around toward dhv with another comment like “hang around me, you might learn something”. all of these seem to ooze that dominant figure, almost teacher-student relationship that we all know girls go apeshit over. I’ve used this to repeated success but yes….beyond fucking there’s nothing there if you consider yourself well read and know at least a little bit about damn near everything like every man should. I wouldn’t even consider the dumb blonde type LTR material as I know I would be bored out of my mind for every moment I’m not balls deep in her.

    for the seasoned pua that can take home just about any girl he wants any night at the club I can see upping the stakes by gaming smarter HBs but for the novice I don’t see the harm in chasing some dumb tail. one might have to fish around for what she’s comfortable with before scaring her off with too much intellect. in that case try changing to more superficial topics. not necessarily dumb but the wide man should be versatile in many social interactions. Not just the intellectually stimulating scenarios as worldly men are regularly in different settings with people of varying intellect.

    my favorite is when men and women in your group start chiming in above their actual intelligence level. the game girl can sense immediately who is really leading the discussion and the afc’s who you’re exposing are actually boosting your value when they TRY to drag you down. that’s not just demonstrating higher value, that’s proof. soon every woman in the group will be at a daze.

  8. Amazing how the haters say “game only works because you are exploiting dumb bar chicks’ lack of intelligence.” I, like you guys, can’t stand talking to dumb women.

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