Sometimes after a night out that doesn’t go well, or maybe instead of a night out, I find myself tuning out and plugging into all the mindless distractions I have around my apartment.

Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I pull out my phone and start reading blogs, or articles, or tweets… or start doing NY Times crosswords…

It’s the chronic A.D.D. of our modern time. And it causes us to sacrifice so much.

It causes us to sacrifice productivity and achievements that we could make… skills or talents we could develop and share.

It causes us to sacrifice true meaning in our lives, by giving us the illusion of social connection.

In reality, I am still alone, though.

But I am amused.

And in this amusement, I forget that I am alone.

The Matrix is already here, and we are all plugged into our own little pods of existence.

Now the question is:

How do we break out?

  1. I have this same problem as I would imagine most of us do and without a doubt its an ever increasing problem. Between my laptop, iphone, and tv while at home I am ALWAYS plugged in. Ive thought about ways to remedy it and I think Im going to take the tv out of my bedroom and leave my laptop in the living room. Ive still got the phone as a distraction but I find myself getting lost in that one the least of the 3 while at home. If just spending that random hour or two every day improving ourselves as opposed to watching or doing something stupid it would be remarkable the changes one could make in a year.

  2. Simon

    You are describing one feature of the human condition. Distraction, by any means, at any price. The only way out is Christianity. If Christianity is unappealing, or unconvincing, you have some work to do.

    The alternative is to stay plugged into the matrix. Your choice. As it always is.

    • Author Dagonet

      That’s part of the problem…. I just sit around reading my Bible and the Left Behind book series all night…

      • Simon

        Apologies, atheism is sine qua non for distraction, which is why I assumed you were one. Distraction was the only reason I survived as an atheist.

        Anyway, my suggestion is to seriously re-evaluate what your priorities. I’m guessing you’re using your 50 lays to build some sort of sexual identity. I would suggest another way, which is at

        Have a read of that and then we’ll see how you’re going.

        • kyle

          seems legit

  3. I’m curious about your age, D. Were you born before 1980? The reason aI ask is that I can identify with the problem youve posed. I can recall a time when I was younger, in the 70s and 80s, and my ability to entertain myself with my imagination alone was still pretty keen. No electronic devices needed. I was more creative back then too. I had more patience back then too and sit for hours reading (stupuff on paper) or drawing or writing, or go out and ride my bike or build stuff. Now, after more than a decade of being wired up new distractions, I feel as if my imagination and creativity have all but dried up.

    Call it “iADD”.

    If you do have an answer to your final question let us know.

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