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My main source of income from this blog is through affiliate sales of Roosh’s books. I’m a great fan of his, and supporter of his writing. He is the most unfiltered, honest and decisive voice on the internet today, in my humble opinion.

If you’re unfamiliar with Roosh’s work, or if you just want to contribute to my livelihood and ability to keep writing this blog, please check out my reviews below, and use one of the links provided to purchase. I will get a nice cut of whatever you buy. You’ll not only receive an excellent piece of practical literature, but also my deep gratitude.

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Day Bang

30 Bangs


Roosh V’s Bang is the only book I’ve ever paid for that is specifically about how to date and sleep with women in the U.S. today. I find the topic fascinating, but even beyond that, it’s a work of great insight into the times we live in.

Bang is accessible, intriguing, and practical. Roosh writes like a sociologist, his analysis honed through years of research and practice. But he’s also got a great sense of humor that shines through and makes the book a fun read.

I often found myself smiling and laughing out loud while reading Bang, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to succeed in the trials and tribulations of 21st century American romance.

PLUS if you use this link, part of your purchase will go toward keeping The Quest For 50 alive and well.

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Day Bang, Roosh’s greatly-anticipated followup to Bang, is nothing short of revolutionary.  As I began reading it, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, in a sense. My expectations were uncertain; I figured there would be some good tips. What I did not anticipate was that Roosh had used his years of daily practice to hone a day-game system that is deceptively simple, and deadly efficient.

The details of this system comprise roughly the first half of Day Bang. Chapters include Preparation, Opening, Rambling, and Closing. After that, Roosh gets specific and demonstrates how to apply the system with maximum efficacy in a multitude of venues (including coffee shops, bookstores, malls, and on the street).

The book is, like most of Roosh’s prose, an easy read. His wit and humor break up the technical aspects of the book well, helping to keep the reader engaged.

The premise of Roosh’s day game system is inherently humorous, and the irony of men strategically plotting to seem stupid or naive is not lost on Roosh. I often found myself shaking my head and smiling, thinking, “It’s crazy that we have to do this, but it works!” Roosh echoes this sentiment throughout the book, making his advice all the more relatable.

Although Roosh makes no secret of it, I will reiterate here that this book alone will not get you laid. It will get you dates. It is a great companion to Bang in that sense, but men, especially those new to Game, should keep in mind that they will need to supplement their knowledge beyond this book. In fact, it’s not a good place to start if you’re trying to get good with women for the first time. But for those of us who have a working knowledge of Game, this book will help unlock greater rewards and adventures.

Though it’s not a beginner’s guide, there are aspects of Day Bang that make it a great ambassador for Game. One of the book’s greatest virtues is the way it contradicts traditional “pick-up artist” advice, proving that we as a community are not inherent assholes or douche bags, but that we merely do what is necessary to have success, whatever the environment. Within its pages, Roosh advocates honest conversations and compliments, and cautions against even gentle teasing. Of course, this is just to get a girl interested in dating you, building light attraction and rapport. The more aggressive stuff is still reserved for ramping a girl up toward sex. This is a more human side of Game, and Roosh has proven here why it has its place. The day game system is still ultimately about sleeping with lots of beautiful women, but it is just a step in the process, albeit a crucial, potentially life-changing one.

Overall, I give Day Bang a hearty and sincere approval. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to read it. It will give you an easy framework to start practicing a very hard task: Approaching women during the day. With Roosh as a guide, even the most introverted man should begin seeing progress. For the enjoyment and knowledge you’ll gain from it, Day Bang is truly a bargain.

Click here to learn more and purchase DAY BANG

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