The Sacred Contract

The Baby Boomers (a.k.a. the most self-absorbed generation anywhere in all of history) started a disheartening trend that has been catching on with my generation too.

Through their selfishness, they engineered the concept that every person should think long and hard about whether he or she wants to have children, and that often it’s right to selfishly pursue your own hedonism and “goals” instead of ever having kids.

This mostly just applies to white people, and it’s a big reason behind why demographics are shifting so rapidly, and Latinos, Blacks, and Asians are eclipsing Caucasians in the U.S. and Europe. I’ll leave the Human Biodiversity debates to Heartiste, but I do think that a race that built up its own corner of the world should not willfully let itself go extinct because of guilt and ennui.


Regardless of the color of their skin, there are plenty of American men and women purposely foregoing having children for a variety of reasons. Almost all of them can be boiled down to basic selfishness or other misguided thought processes caused by our warped culture.

Many guys in the Manosphere say they don’t want to get married or have kids, citing the “risks” involved. These risks certainly exist, but there have always been downsides to child-rearing, I’m sure dating back to caveman times when a crying baby could blow up your spot and let a prowling tiger find and eat your whole family.

It’s sad that our society has come to this point and disincentivized having kids to this degree, but just as the post-Wall woman is kept up at night by the ghostly screams of her expired womb, so too will men regret not leaving a living legacy behind. It is coded in our DNA, and it is the very thing that makes us human. Without children, there will always be a void.


When you turn your back on your basic duty as a living being– keeping the earth populated and habitable– you violate a sacred contract that carries the weight of millions of years and a billion generations. You owe your existence to all those who came before you, and whether you think so or not, it is your purpose to make sure that tradition continues. We are stewards of this world, and the pride of raising sons and daughters you believe will make the world a better place is an unparalleled form of fulfillment.

Not everyone can or will have children. That’s a basic, unchangeable fact. But to refuse to have children in order to pursue “hedonism” (a.k.a. ejaculating in a plastic bag or on a girl’s body until you’re dead) is to deny the most fundamental, transcendent aspect of our humanity, our planet, and our Universe.


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  1. Blah

    That’s nice. But anyone considering bringing a child into this underfed and overpopulated world …. is coldly considering an act of cruelty. Out of all the bases you tried to cover, you failed to include the demographic who refuse to have children for the most important reason of all. Out of duty. The very reason to HAVE a child… is just as good a reason NOT to have a child.

    Forgot who said it… but I overheard a man when asked: “why don’t you have any children? Don’t you like kids?” answer: “On the contrary. I don’t have kids because I LIKE them too much.” He believed in his heart he was doing a future generation the SERVICE — by NOT having any kids. And he’s not alone.

    Thank you for the fought-inspiring article.

    • Joe Richards

      Blah says “That’s nice. But anyone considering bringing a child into this underfed and overpopulated world …. is coldly considering an act of cruelty.”

      Which rock are you hiding under? You should go outside and look at the absolutely huge people wandering around. These people didn’t get to be this big by being underfed. Next look out the window on your next plane flight, or visit google earth and look at the unbelievably vast stretches of uninhabited nothing out there. I’m certainly glad I didn’t follow your idiotic life plan because I have three children who have turned out to be one of the major joys of my life. I think they’re pretty darn happy to be here as well. One of them is currently serving on a submarine keeping some foreign power from invading and putting your stupid ass in the gulag, so you should be grateful as well.

  2. Marshallaw

    I find myself agreeing with this article and disagreeing with it a the same time. I would love to have had a family at one point in my life but ended up with a pretty narcissistic young lady (as I’ve mentioned in another post), the relationship disintegrated needless to say. I have experience of friends who have split up from their spouses and it has left a bad taste in my mouth as regards bringing up a family in a western society that has denigrated the nuclear family as just one of many family “types”, i.e. bullshit single parent families and “blended” families…
    Also my country has inflicted so much debt on its citizenry that I fear bringing a new generation into the world just gives the Governments and Financiers more fodder for their “tax” and “mortgage” slaves. 3 guesses where I’m from…..

  3. Robert Guiscard

    There’s nothing sacred about having kinds. It’s a basic biological function. Just like shitting. Humans used to shit on the spot when they had the urge to go. Civilization has allowed us to change that behavior. So it is with having children.

    Apologies for my response if you’re just trolling here.

    • Author Dagonet

      I’m not trolling, but I do see both sides of this. Ultimately, I believe that as tempting and easy as it is to just never have kids, it is unnatural and a denial of our full potential as men. If we are constantly seeking out and having sex, then we are meant to have children– that is what sex and the sex drive are for.

  4. Ryan

    Your life will blow by so life it as you see fit, 150 years from now no one will even remember you existed.

    You don’t owe anyone shit, your happiness comes first…. it’s as simple as that.

  5. “This mostly just applies to white people, and it’s a big reason behind why demographics are shifting so rapidly, and Latinos, Blacks, and Asians are eclipsing Caucasians in the U.S. and Europe.”

    I suspect the reason behind it could be a little more complex. In the third world country that I come from, richer people typically tend to have fewer kids (I am from a middle class family, and can’t recall any of my peers who had more than one sibling). The reasons for this are varied — I would postulate that a higher standard of living psychologically leads to less attachment towards family. I have observed this happening in myself as my standard of living rose, and have tried to actively combat it (I have experienced a large variation in standards of living — from villages without running water or regular electricity to the Upper East Side.) I have also observed fairly low fertility among wealthy people from my country who have migrated to the States.

    Caucasians in the US and EU, even the countryside hicks, typically tend to have higher standards of living than non-whites. I think the demographic shift you describe is a consequence of that. Of course, the other two paragraphs (about essentially throwing away your genetic legacy when you refuse to have a child) still hold true.

  6. TomInNOLA

    Um…do you have kids?

    • Author Dagonet

      Yes, I definitely see your point. I guess my main thrust is that men are rationalizing/denying the basic truth that it WOULD make them most fulfilled to have children, simply because circumstances/society have made it unfavorable. We should at least recognize our ideal life, and then strive to get as close to it as possible while dealing with the challenges presented to us in reality.

  7. Sure not having kids is ‘selfish’. Just as going to work and keeping the money instead of giving it all way is ‘selfish’. And just as washing your car instead of your neighbors is ‘selfish’. What’s your point?

    Your article is titled “The Sacred Contract”. Can I see a copy of this contract and where I signed it?


  8. AKA

    Dude, you are kidding. Sacred duty? The earth has way too many fucking people already. I’ve been married for 25 years, 2 kids. Love my wife and all that. But There is nothing magical about being a parent.

  9. vulgar

    its amazing how bland your posts have gotten since you have a gf

    • Author Dagonet

      Haha. I think my posts have been a consistent level on the blandness scale for a while. Do you have any suggestions for topics to spice it up? I’m game.

  10. jim

    You guys in the manosphere get so stuck up on race. On trying to point out how the white-man is always getting screwed. This is a socioeconomic/class issue. Yuppies of all races have less and less children. The more highly-educated, career-focused you are, the less children you have.

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