Why Do All These Creepy Guys Want To Fuck Me?

I was at the chiropractor this morning, because I fucked my neck up playing hockey and having too much sex this week.

As I was putting my coat and shoes back on to leave, I overheard my chiropractor talking with a homely, overweight woman around 50.

He was preparing to adjust her, but she said, “Did you notice all the creepy guys outside today?”

My chiropractor cocked his head in confusion. “You mean all those guys looking for work by the hardware store?”

“I don’t know. They just seemed super creepy. I felt unsafe. Maybe… Maybe you could walk me back to my car so I’d feel safer?”

My chiropractor just chuckled. “I think you’ll be okay.”


I’m not the first guy to realize that women are obsessed with talking about “rape culture” because it excites them to imagine a violent criminal might be waiting in an alleyway on their walk home to forcibly give her his criminal seed, creating a sexy demon baby to cannibalize her from within.

But again here we see that this woman’s characterization of men around her as “creepy” serves many ego-assuaging functions.

It assumes that these men are all sexual threats to her. That she is so desirable she should fear these men accosting her.

It was also a ploy to gain the investment of a more alpha male, the chiropractor. She thought he might white-knight and come to her rescue, proving in another way that she is worthy of men’s affections.

It is basically a silly game that far too many women play, but unfortunately, our backward society has allowed the capricious accusations of women to hold great power. Not as much in criminal court as some
men’s rights activists fear, but, perhaps even more damnably, in the court of Public Opinion.

Only by ignoring these types of women, and not entertaining their deluded worldviews, will we be able to put a stop to this epidemic.

  1. Retrenched

    Reminds me of the Married with Children episode where Al Bundy and his buddies take on a group of radfems.

    One of the women yells at Steve, “Stop undressing me with your eyes!”

    And Steve shoots back, “Madam, that would take years.”

    No way would a TV show have the guts to joke about radfems today.

    • I’m stealing that line.

  2. I’ve met more than one obese, unattractive, middle-aged woman who thinks guys are after them because they try to treat them as humans instead of ignoring them.

  3. Steve

    “I was at the chiropractor this morning, because I fucked my neck up playing hockey and having too much sex this week. ”

    Sorry, unless it’s more than 4x per day for over a week straight, there’s no such thing as too much sex.

  4. pául D.

    In a recent Q&A you stated that manosphere blogs along with books teached you game. I found to read this huge amount of blogs extremely time consuming. Wich , in your opinion are the best – must have to read ?
    thank you

    • Author Dagonet

      Roosh, Heartiste (Roissy), Donlak, Paul The King

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